A young lady I am friends with on Facebook recently posted this little bit of short sighted judgement:

Just going to clarify this for everyone. To be a “model” you have to get paid. Not just take slutty pictures

Sadly, there were too many folks who liked her opinion, and held their own judgmental opinions as well:

Lol, so true!!

Amen! And being in a non-published magazine doesn’t count as being in print!

I completely agree, but this statement 100% applies to the people taking the pictures as well. A lot of these ladies are being misled by pervs posing as real photographers.

red head modelI, of course, do not agree with this sentiment at all. Extrapolating further on her statement, the Atlanta Roller Girls aren’t “athletes” since they don’t get paid for practicing every week and getting the crap knocked out of them on weekends. My niece and nephew aren’t “actors” because they only do community theater. My brother isn’t a chef since he doesn’t get paid for cooking exceptional meal for his family, friends, and church group.

Some folks do what they do because they just enjoy doing what they do. I rarely get paid to take pictures, and I sometimes take the kind of pictures that she is complaining about. That doesn’t make me not a photographer, nor does it make the girls not models. To be a “model”, you have to pose for a photographer, painter, sculptor, sketch artist, videographer, or any other person who uses visual art. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Check your egos at the door, and enjoy what you do because you enjoy doing it. If you can get paid every now and then – more power to you. If you can actually make a living doing what you love doing, you are truly lucky. The rest of us will just have fun doing our thang.

(Both of the models here aren’t “models”. Neither have done slutty pictures. Neither have been paid to be in front of the camera.)

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