I Unfriended a Model Today

There’s this model who popped up on Facebook that I thought was incredible. She has a gorgeous face, long, lean, fit figure, a few well-placed tattoos, and is just a natural in front of the camera.  Every picture of her I’ve seen – even those done by crappy photographers – is good.

I asked about her in a private Facebook group where photographers can “review” models, and she had acceptable if mixed reviews (one photographer said, “…she looks nice but can be a royal PITA if she decides to get butthurt about something”). I contacted her about doing a shoot together and she replied with rates and called me “hun” – a word I loathe in the context it was used – and decided to not book her.

Yeah, I know, kind of a lightweight reason to not work with someone, but years of experience led me to conclude that this girl was probably going to be more difficult than fun to work with.

Fast forward some, this model was trying to gain access to another secret Facebook group where models could warn other models about Bad Behaving Photographers, but she was denied access to this group because she admitted to continuing to work with a photographer who had been very “hands on” with her. What had he done? I’ll use her own words here – this is part of an exchange she had with Julie, the moderator of the group (shared with permission from Julie):

Later she left a voice message saying:

I don’t expect you to call back, but what I do want to say is that I think it is extremely disgusting that you are trying to ruin another photographer’s reputation. Like, where the fuck do you get off on trying to get women to lie? Where do you get off? It is [unintelligible] and you will probably be sued for defamation. You seriously need to rethink what you’re doing. You think you’re protecting people. You think you’re helping. But you’re not. You’re hurting somebody who hasn’t done the things you’ve accused him of. There’s a fucking special place in hell for people like you. K? Bye.

She called from the studio of the very photographer she mentioned in the screen shot above.

Julie has done a wonderful job with her group. Models share their stories and experiences with photographers, and time and again certain photographers are mentioned – including the one that this model continues to work with.

So, even though I think she’s very pretty, and I love the photos she’s done, I don’t want her face on my Facebook feed anymore. Any model who can continue to defend a predator, who can continue to work with a photographer who, by her own admission, “put his fingers inside [her]”, is not someone I want to know any more about.

I know too many stories from models who were overly trusting, who excused the wandering hands (and fingers) of predatory photographers who ended up being hurt. I hope she matures quickly before something bad happens to her.


After the above was posted, the unnamed model took to her Facebook page to call out Julie, me, and the photographer by name. She wisely deleted those posts because calling someone a rapist when no charges have been filed and no case has been tried is actually libel.

She also posted a comment on the original post and sent Julie and me a very long series of messages via Facebook. She clearly wants to tell her side of this story, so I will allow her to do so – in her own words. The only edits here are the removal of names. Everything else is verbatim.

There was never any consideration for my personal expierence. Julie you never came forward to me telling me about [photographer]. Ed I have not worked with [photographer] since. Julie when I defended him I was also defending myself because yku blamed me for having other girls work with him. I hope girls get justice for what he’s done because he has done things to me too as you have publicly posted above. Where is the blog for [photographer]? The so called rapist? Why do you only have time to post about a girl who defended him and HAS NOT SINCE worked with him. When I was at his studio a couple weeks back I was there with [another model] assisting her at the studio because I DID NOT WANT HER TO GO ALONE. She was not working wth [photographer] she was working with a Photogrpaher named [blanked]. You can asked her, her name is [another model]. I don’t know what to do about this. I am disgusted that you continue to focus on thingns that really don’t matter in making a huge change. There was no protection for me, instead you decided to blast my personal expierence online. You two are no better then [photographer].

I would happily tell you guys more stories about [photographer’s studio partner] and a few other photographers you two both don’t seem to recognize are CUREENTLY MUCH WORSE then someone like [photographer]. You never asked for my story I told you in confidence and now it’s blasted on the internet.

I am on the same page as you guys. I’d love to help take [photographer] down. But you have to understand you two both have the entire wrong idea about me. From the very beginning I was attacked and there was no protection for me ESPEICALLY WHEN I SHARED MY STORY. You guys are publicly bashing someone who is on the same side as you. I have not continued to work with [photographer], where are our photos?

I would publicly come out with what he did to me but you guys have got to stop attacking me

I don’t need this in my life right now. You two are not protecting anyone. People who know me know how I feel about [photographer]. And it’s not in a protecting manor. I have plenty of people who will stand by myside in this ehcsuss THEY KNOW what I’ve said about [photographer] and how he shouldn’t be trusted. When I called you a couple weeks ago I was more mad at the fact that you were still Pursuing someone who hasn’t done anything in MONTHS when you could be going after someone who is CURRENTLY DOING HARM. Take your drive and put it somewhere that it matters

Ed did Julie tell you I was never even allowed in that group? Even before anyone talked to me about [photographer]? I was never ever protected ever. And how can you out someone for working with some they didn’t even know was bad because you wouldn’t give them that information. And now you’re mad at them because they went about it differently and didn’t say or do exactly what you wanted them to say. I know plenty of girls whom you’ve kicked out of that group because they didn’t say what you wanted them to. I’m sorry you feel I’m against you, but I’m not. I hate [photographer] just as much as the next person, but you two are just as bad as him.

How can you expect girls to come to Julie and share their expierence ifyou are going to post one persons online? There’s no trust there

All I’m saying is you guys need to stop focusing on one little photographer. There are other fish to fry and I’d happily come out publicly about [photographer], but there are wayyyy worse guys out there that need to have light shed on them. I have not worked with [photographer], please message [another model] and ask why I even came with her to the studio. To protect her I didn’t feel safe with her going alone. You guys can think what you want about me, but I advise you guys talk to me instead of assume things about me.

To recap – based on the experiences of a trusted (female) photographer’s text conversations with and voice message from this model, as well as a few reviews from photographers who have worked with her, and her use of the word “hun” when I contacted her months ago about doing a photo shoot, I decided to remove her from my Facebook feed. She was never called out by name, nor were any disparaging comments made about her as a person or as a model (in fact, I think she’s a damn good model).

One photographer who worked with her said, “…she looks nice but can be a royal PITA if she decides to get butthurt about something.” I think the posts she made on Facebook, the barrage of text messages, and the phone call to me (oh yeah, I left that part out of the story – she called me – I refused to talk to her) support that other photographer’s assessment.

I love the “block” features on Facebook and my phone.

Featured image from Pexels

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  1. I don’t know why he isn’t out of business. And I’m glad you defriended her. I think men as disgusting as him probably have their brainwashed minions helping him keep a following. Helping him continue his crude behavior. Baiting and gaining the trust of new, fresh faces and bodies. I truly hope nothing else turns up, but I also would love to see justice for his victims.

  2. If this is who I think It is, Both the photographer and his biz partner are both pervs and predators. They claim to run the largest studio in the atlant area but models run from them for these very reasons above. I know several that have told me the same kind of stories about these two.

  3. Glad to see this is still up. I might reference it soon. I’ve blocked her completely now. She attacks me online every other month.

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