Revisiting Old Work

Ashley B+W Portrait

It has been a long time since I have had a “pretty girl” shoot. I decided to take a peek at old work to see how and where I have improved. Of course, once I started looking, I thought, “Hm. Let’s see if I can make that really good shot even better. So that’s what I did – mostly.

Camille in black lingerieThis is Camille. I photographed just once in July of 2007. I remember her face. I remember how shy she was when we first started shooting, but for the life of me I can’t recall how we came to work together or even where she is now.

In retrospect, I would have liked to have used a professional make-up artist and maybe some different wardrobe, but overall I’m really pleased with this photo.

I revisited this photo using Photoshop Bridge, and a few Nik Filters.

Amy Frena Pink HairThis is Amy Frena from 2010. Amy is a professional working commercial and editorial model these days, but there was a time when she was just getting started and, even though she had a number of paid gigs to her credit, decided to work with me. We ended up shooting together a few times. She is professional, a real sweetheart of a person, and everything a budding photographer could hope for in a model.

Her sister, Anna Rose, did the fabulous make-up. I had the pink wig in my wardrobe collection.

There isn’t a lot of post-work in this shot. I bumped up the exposure, burned in the hair, dodged her eyes, but no skin softening techniques were used at all. That’s her perfect skin.

Ashley B+W PortraitSometimes you get a great model. You have a good rapport. You are creative together. She gives you great faces, beautiful poses. You work together a half dozen times and then **poof** she disappears. Such is the case with Ashley.

I have a dozen or more photos of her that I could show again and again as examples of my work. We did some really cute Christmas photos for her boyfriend (at the time), some really cheesy photos with a big shoe chair I used to have, some sexy photos with her in just a blue shirt. But this head shot of her from 2005 is my favorite of the hundreds of photos we did.

I did nothing new to this photo today.

There are 85 folders of old shoots on my computer. Many of them have multiple sub-folders from other shoots. And there are about another 100 models represented on CDs I burned ages ago before there was cloud storage and reliable back-ups. Going through these old photos brings back some good and some bad memories. I see some photos and think, “Damn, you really sucked!” And I look at others and think, “Wow. Can I ever get that kind of quality model again?”

So – okay – if you are a pretty girl and want to do a pretty girl photo shoot with me, I GUESS I can put aside the rescue dogs for a little while.

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