No, Models, You Don’t Have To Do This

This was posted on a new model’s Facebook page:

I was recently contacted by a model from a different state. She told me that it was “normal” in the business to fool around and sleep with photographers in order to get more images. She basically said if I want to be successful, I have to do a little prostituting for it. Obviously I am not taking this “advice”, not only from personal experience but I’ve also been coached by some of the best in the biz…that is not part of the job description. I don’t need to mess around with strangers to get shoots. I would like to hear anyone else’s stance on this one.

There is no “stance” to take. It is beyond the pale of ridiculous that sexual favors are expected or required in exchange for images from photographers. Acceptance of that attitude by models is what allows predatory photographers to thrive. The models they work with are emotionally coerced into thinking that behavior is normal, and that “normal” perpetuates itself in the way you have experienced.

Photographer Julie Hunter has made it a mission to expose predatory photographers and let models know that this kind of shit is NOT OKAY. Her efforts, and the courage of one model in particular, led to charges of sexual assault being filed against a well known and talented photographer (to my knowledge there was not enough evidence to secure a formal charge, but his reputation as a sexual predator is now public).

If you are attracted to the photographer, and want to have sex with him/her, and you are capable of giving legal consent – go for it. Have fun. Be safe. Just like any other sexual activity. But to put out for more photos or to go beyond your comfort level of nudity or physical contact with a photographer because “that’s how this works” is not okay. Ever.

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