Personal Projects

These are my on-going personal photography projects. I am certain there is something here that you would be perfect for.

Pretty Faces

Ashleigh Burnette - Atlanta Model and Actress

In studio, or on location, this project is all about the face. Models can be any age, race, or ethnicity. All you have to have is a pretty (or really interesting) face with bright eyes and beautiful smile. See more pretty faces here.

Southern Girls

Inspired by the redneck white trash sexiness of Christina Ricci in the 2006 film Black Snake Moan, this project is all about summer, heat, sweat, sultry, and sexy – everything GRITS (girls raised in the South) are about. Pull out your Daisy Dukes and your cotton shift. Take a swig of Jack Daniels. Channel your inner Eula Varner, and let’s shoot.



We will venture to a remote but accessible waterfalls and streams in North Georgia where you will play and pose in the cool mountain water.

Motel Stories

If motel walls could talk, what would they say? This project tells, in just a few photos, a full chapter in the story of a motel room. We will work together to come up with a story to tell, then work out the photos needed to tell the story completely. Here are a few examples.


Whitney - Nude Erotic Photography


This erotic photography project is based on classic black and white figure photography with the goal of showing intimate moments with yourself. While not showing everything, the viewer will have no doubt what is happening. No actual sexual activity is requested or required. “Faking it” is perfectly acceptable. See samples from this project here.

Book Covers

This glamour/beauty photography project is based on the cheesy cover art of “pulp fiction”. We will work to duplicate a particular look or theme, and, using Photoshop the pictures will be made into “cover art” for a pulp novel. Examples of the pulp fiction cover art that has inspired me can be found here.

All projects are non-paid/trade shoots. I am willing to work out Trade For Content for models with subscriber based creator accounts.

Interested in one or more of these projects? Let me know!