Ansleigh Blush

Ansleigh is a brand new model, and this was just her third shoot. However, based on the way she posed, looked, and moved it would be natural to assume that she is an experienced model.

Her prior shoots were more fetish in nature, a genre I really don’t do. When I saw her though, I knew I wanted to shoot her in my style – subtly sexy, a bit more sweet, and with a disarming innocence. I think she more than delivered on that approach.

While I was at it, and had a great model to start experimenting with, I decided to try my hand at video. I confess that I have a long way to go and a lot to learn with video shooting and editing. But we have to start somewhere!

The video was shot near Minnehaha Falls in Rabun county Georgia. The waterfall was somewhere off the side of the road near Lake Seed, GA, and the others were shot at Black Rock Mountain State Park.

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